That’s Not My Name

My mom lived along with me and my love for music. She had her favorites in rock and roll and adored Elvis. When I got into country music as well mom was in seventh heaven. It was a milder kind and much gentler music and mom loved it. She learned about the country stars I loved and the songs they sang.

When a special song came on mom would say, “That’s the song about those flowers.”  She always related the songs according to what the topic was all about. When a favorite country group The Oak Ridge Boys came out with their popular country song “Elvira” I started teasing mom.

You see, mom’s name was Elvira but in Latvian, it’s pronounced Elveera. The Oak Ridge Boys pronounced it as most English speaking people do Elvira with an emphasis on the letter I. So when the song came on I would sing along while mom rolled her eyes and protested that it was not the way her name was pronounced.

 I could just imagine that if mom had met these guys at an event she would probably have gotten them to sing the song just the way her name should be pronounced. But it does bring back fond memories of my loving mom. You can listen to the song. Just remember in remembrance of my mom, it’s Elveera, not Elvira. That is a photo of me and mom in days gone by.


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