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Temple of Karnak, Egypt … 🇪🇬

Temple of Karnak, Egypt …  

Karnak is a village in Upper Egypt on the right bank of the Nile, about 2.5 kilometers northeast of the city of Luxor. After it was named the northern half of the ruins of Thebes (around 3,200 years BC) which represents the largest ensemble of temples from the Pharaonic era Egypt. Temples of Karnak are since 1979 on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The construction of the complex of temples began in the 16th century BC. 30 Pharaoh gave a contribution to the building of temples. The main part of the temple (Amon Section) was built in the era of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Sandstone for building Haram and pillars from the quarry  Gebel forcing about 150 kilometers to the south.


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