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Some may think it’s a bit cheesy. Those who truly know me, know whatever I say comes from my heart at the time I am spouting it off!  I have real friends here that have never met. There are words here that carry me through those days when nothing else does.

My husband really believes that I am a better person if I go wandering and spend some time with Doc.  He knows exactly how many bluebirds Carol has shared and he is worried that they won’t nest, next spring.

He thinks I should go stay with Rex for a couple weeks to get my spirit back on track and learn all his cooking secrets. 

Many of you, much more than I mentioned here, are a part of our daily lives.

So if you have an extra minute can you leave a comment that tells us something about you that we may not know? Please. We need a distraction to get him back on track.

What do you think?

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  1. First of all thank you so much for the kind words!
    I love it when both of you wander with me!

    Something people don’t know about me.
    When I was 13 and returning from Thailand I struggled socially. I ended up becoming the class clown. I could have stopped, but by High School, I was fully into the role. I was by my senior year well that is for another day!

  2. Wow, I am always impressed that he keeps up with my bluebirds.

    I moved around a lot growing up, due to my Dad’s job. And after losing my Mom at 14, I changed high schools three times. Yes, high school three times, and it is only four grades. In my senior class, I barely knew anyone I graduated with. All of this made me who I am today, very independent. I started working during high school, and continued. Bought my own car. Was also a single parent 14 years of Dustin’s short 16 years. His “father” disappeared. Just as well. Kind of depressing right? Being independent takes you far in l life I believe. I have had to endure a lot in life, but I am a survivor.

  3. Something about me that people may not know? That is tricky, as I can’t remember what I might have let slip at some time in the past!

    Have I mentioned that I have never met my natural parents? I know what my mother’s name was, but I have no idea who my father was. My birth name Derek Alexander Clayton, but for almost all my life I have been John Gordon Welford.

    I know this, but it does not bother me and I have no intention of ever digging into my origins. I am who I am now, and that’s good enough for me!

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