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Today in the US is called giving Tuesday. I set up the donations to the places I give money to, for my annual donations on this day. I have rules for charities, in particular, I do not give to any charity that talks about 20% or more of the money going to runt he charity not going to the actual helping. I do watch the organizations after I give, there are charities that were on my list five, six or more years ago that are no longer because they broke my one rule. Don’t spend lots of money running the charity.

Funny, I apply the same rule to crowdfunding campaigns.

If it looks like they are spending too much money getting to the starting gate, I stay away from the campaign.

That one simple rule, by the way, came from my Grandfather. He always said pay attention to what people are trying to sell, but more importantly, pay attention to how they are trying to sell it. You will learn more about the people in the company by how they approach the sale.

Technology is my passion. I love the inner workings of all the things you can do now, that were manual before. Based on that I have come to realize that I look at things and consider technologies long before the average person does. It is why I stopped featuring crowdfunding campaigns on my blog. For the most part, I am looking at things most people are not ready for. I now review the devices after they arrive (with a few exceptions).

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  1. thanks for this post, what do you look for in seeing a person who is trying to sell? I don’t like the push and shove of some sales companies. I have often believed that a product sells itself. I only want to put forward what is useful for people.

    • I always look for the reach. If I ask a question that I know is a weakness of the product and the person tries to talk over it, then I move on. But I do agree with you there are times to just let the product show that it can do the job and stop selling!@

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