Taking advantage of someone’s misery

I don’t understand how people are capable of that. Let me tell you a story…about my grandmother who was terminally ill because of cancer in her uterus….a woman that I never got to meet…

This is a story that my parents told me….she got out of the hospital together with other relatives and she was approached by a supposed doctor…he was more like a homeopath. He promised to cure her with a considerable amount of money. The woman in despair went to him and of course nothing good happened.

The fact is that in such cases people tend to neglect their treatment given by real doctors thanks to the new hope that such frauds inflict on them…

Illness it’s a terrible thing to deal with…please don’t make such people feel more miserable than they already are.


What do you think?

Written by alina65447354


  1. I don’t know if those people are sociopaths or just greedy bastards but there seem to be a lot of them and nobody seems to be interested in prosecuting their frauds so they are just going to continue

  2. Things like that are really bad! Unfortunately, the majority of people behave that way. Look at how the pharmaceutical industry makes the disease to sell drugs, the communication industry spreads the virus to sell antivirus, the ads scare us so we buy their products. So many corrupt bureaucracies hold the paradigm “if it can be made complicated (in order to make money) why should it be made easier?”. Business is there if anyone has difficulties and wants!