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I used to experience synchronicities all the time, especially when I was having my spiritual awakening eight years ago. They stopped for a few years, but now I am having them again.

I came across an interesting article yesterday, about how ancient people didn’t have a word for the color blue, and how they were possible blind to that color. Then I was watching youtube earlier and an interesting video caught my eye, unrelated to other videos I had been watching. It was about color patterns, and I decided to watch it.

In the video, they talked about the same exact subject, a subject that I had never heard about before yesterday. Of course it freaked me out a little, as synchronicities usually do. It makes me wonder about how reality works. Everything seems to be connected in some strange way.

Gone is the concrete, materialist reality I once knew. It has been replaced by a strange new state of being, once I am trying to figure out how to maneuver through. I am not sure if I am figuring it out. Or if I ever will.


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Written by riverwild

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