Sunny Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun and sunny days just make me smile. It’s such a bright and delightful color and that is why yellow kitchens usually radiate such warmth and welcome. Yellow when combined with red always reminds me of mustard and ketchup but I love this dramatic combination. I love combining yellow with purple, yellow with dark blue, yellow with a deep forest green and finally yellow with black. Yellow and black remind me of bumblebees flying from flower to flower on a hot summer’s day. I love yellow lemons that become lemonade and who could resist all those yellow chicks and ducklings. Like most children I too had a yellow rubber ducky in my bubble bath.

The color yellow has the power to stimulate the nervous system, activate our memories and stimulate our mental processes and it also encourages communication. I know on gray and rainy days I sometimes cannot find the inspiration to write down what I feel but on a sunny day when everything is shiny and bright, my fingers virtually fly over the keyboard as inspiration just keeps on flowing.

Some interesting facts about yellow:

  • It is psychologically the happiest of all the colors in the color spectrum.
  • There are a lot of yellow gems and among them, all my favorites are – golden yellow topaz, amber, and yellow sapphire.
  • Pencils have been painted yellow in the U.S. since the 1890s. It was at this time that American pencil makers wanted everyone to know that the best graphite came from China and wanted them to be aware of the fact that their pencils contained it. Since the color yellow is associated with respect and royalty pencil manufacturers began painting pencils a bright yellow in order to communicate a sort of ”regal” feeling and association with China. 75% of the pencils which are sold in the U.S. are yellow.

There are popular songs that have yellow in their titles and my favorites are – ”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John, ”Mellow Yellow” by Donovan and ”Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles.

Light, Clear Yellow – helps keep our minds aware and open.

Lemon Yellow – promotes the need to have an orderly life and makes us want to be self-reliant.

Golden yellow – the one which brings the sunshine right into a room. It sparks curiosity and taking a deeper interest in inspecting things around us.

Cream – encourages new ideas. However, this variation can also be associated with a lack of confidence and the need for reassurance.

Dark Yellow – May indicate an inclination toward melancholy and depression. Low self-esteem and lack of love. It is often associated with the cynic and the constant complainer.

Among yellow foods, there are lemons, bananas, pears, and pineapple. There is nice and mildly flavored yellow squash. Yellow, creamy butter comes to mind and yellow cheeses.


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