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Sunflower Love

Today’s ordinary thing is a lovely replica of a sunflower on a plastic stem. This was a treasured item bought back in the early 1980s. The story of the sunflower is that it was a purchase made because my mom really liked it. When the days were balmy, sunny and warm and it was the weekend my mom and I loved to go walking along the Bay Ridge shoreline in Brooklyn, New York.

No matter how warm the day became you could always count on a breeze coming off of the water. We would walk for a long time as far as the shoreline stretched straight into the next neighborhood Bensonhurst. It was in Bensonhurst where my parents first lived when they arrived in New York.

Mom and I love to explore this market place there that sold many different items. So whenever we went we would come back with some purchases. We would not walk back along the shoreline but would walk to the main street of Bensonhurst and look into some other shops until finally taking a bus back home. On one of our trips, we purchased this sunflower which mom liked and I remember walking along with the top of the sunflower dancing up and down. It still makes me smile whenever I look at the sunflower.


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