Summer Camp in Los Angeles: Why Are Day Camps Ideal?

If you’re a parent like me, I’m sure you know that the best time to think about a summer camp in Los Angeles is before summer begins. Registrations for most camps start around early February. Before you choose the right camp for your child, there are a few factors that must be considered. Choosing between day camps vs. overnight camps, the cost, the length, the activities offered are some important factors that will contribute to your decision. If you are trying to choose between a day camp and an overnight camp, here are some reasons you may want to consider a day camp.

Day Camps are Ideal for Elementary Schoolers

Children who are not yet ready to spend a night away from home can still benefit from a summer camp. They can have an eventful day at the camp learning various skills and yet come back to the comfort of their homes every night. Week-long camps are often designed to keep children busy throughout the day. Young children who’re not used to a lot of physical or mental activity could be exhausted and cranky by night. In comparison, day camps usually run during school hours, leaving children with enough energy to come home and enjoy an evening with parents.

Day Camps are More Affordable

Summer camps offer great benefits to children of all ages, but they have become incredibly expensive. Camp costs usually depend on location, instructor-to-child ratio, and duration of the camp. While resident camps can set you back between $630 and $2,000 per week, the average day camp tuition is around $199 to $800) a week1. This often makes day camps a better option, especially for families who want to send multiple kids to camp.

Day Camps are Convenient for Parents and Children

Some children are less stressed when they can come home after an engaging day playing and learning new skills. This can be a big help for the child while also helping reduce stress for the parents, too. Most camps offer extended care, so parents can drop off their children early and pick them up later in the evening. Day camps also mean you don’t have to pay separately for childcare, and since day camps are affordable, you can extend this arrangement for multiple weeks in the summer. No wonder parents prefer a summer camp in Los Angeles that offers comprehensive childcare during the summer months.

Most day camp organizers offer plenty of activities, ranging from robotics and language to dance, drama, pottery, and sports. Plus, you can mix and match programs, depending on your child’s interests. Whether you choose a day camp or prefer a residential camp, make sure you choose one that matches your child’s personality.



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Written by Robert Johnson

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