Subways Cold and Hot

For some reason perhaps a dream I cannot remember I have had subways on my mind today. When I lived in New York City the subway was my main transportation to Manhattan and home again. In the wintertime what I hated the most was that once I got downstairs onto the subway platform I had to freeze there before the subway train came. However, I was out of the wind and elements up above on the street. Then inside the subway car it was usually very warm and being in my outer clothing it could even get uncomfortably hot. What usually happened was that this combination of heat made me nod and sleep.

Before I knew it, it was my stop. How I hated to leave that hot spot. Getting back up to the street level I was happy that the apartment my mom and I lived in wasn’t far from the subway station. So with teeth chattering, I would run all the way home. However, in the summertime it was completely different. Once I descended into the subway it became cooler and cooler. Most subway trains had air conditioning which felt wonderful. I do remember very old subway cars which at one time were cooled off with ceiling fans. I kid you not. Anyway once you got back out into the heat after a block you already felt like a wet rag.


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  1. my great-grandfather was a finish carpenter for the Pullman Car Company in Chicago Illinois. They had switched to making subway cars by the 1920s. I know it wasn’t possible but i always imagined riding on the L that my great grandfather had been part of the team that built the subway car I was in.


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