Stupid – 7

Brian sat a moment, feeling as if he’d’ proven’ something, as if a secret was revealed. Then realised that Ashley had walked out on him.

He got up, tossed some money on the table and raced after her. By the time he reached the pavement, he didn’t see her. He called her but she didn’t answer.

He kept calling, she shut off her phone.

He was going to her  flat, but it was late and he was a bit drunk, and he should see her tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow they could talk.

Brian got into his car and carefully made his way home, and went to bed.

In the morning, at work, Ashley was avoiding him. It was a bit obvious. Finally he was able to get her alone and said, “Let’s talk…”

“‘Let’s not. Let’s just call it off,” Ashley replied with a smile, and walked away.

Brian stood for a time, confused, uncertain.


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Written by jaylar

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