Stupid – 1

This is a story about being stupid. About not living here and now but in some nebulous fantasy.   About not seizing the time an chance.

It is a story about Brian spending more time in his mind then in reality.

Part 1

Ashley was perfect. From the moment Brian saw her he was transfixed. He’d stare at her, searching for imperfections; freckles or warts or moles or scars and found none.

Everything about her, from how she walked to spoke was perfect.

He was too shy to speak with her, and kept his eyes focused so noted she seemed to like Jack. Brian learned that Jack was living with a woman named Hallie who was also perfect. Jack never looked at Ashley in ‘that ‘possible’ way’.

Brian  about talking to Ashley, some easy conversation about nothing in particular, but hesitated.

He didn’t want to seem a fool, he didn’t want to come on too soft or too strong, so he waited for the right time, searching for the right remarks.


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Written by jaylar

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