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Street art

Sofia, Bulgaria – 31 March 2020: In the city during the COVID – 19 epidemic, almost deserted streets. Street art. 

As I walked from the office to one of our post offices I decided to take pictures of 3 street graffiti. 

I shot them another time, but now they had some other meaning… 

I’m definitely optimistic and at one point these graffiti look a little grotesque 🙂 

Definitely in the eyes of people, I begin to see more faith and security! 

I believe we can handle it!!!


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. I especially enjoyed the first one with what looks like a king with his rosary and the other with a monk or priest with his bible. The second and third one are rather morbid but still well executed. If all graffiti was so nice I would enjoy it more but most of them are just names or with very poor artistic designs….

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