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Story of a Visiting Helper

If you can imagine a street map, I came to a row of shops to help a person who was temporarily in a wheelchair. She was in her 20’s and looked something but not exactly like my cartoon Miss “W” She got her leg caught in some tree bark and winded up in plaster, couldn’t walk. I’m sympathetic.

This was quite a long time ago and it was one interesting story.  This cartoon is drawn by me.

I parked in the back of the shops, and this was 2 storey and I opened a door to look up the stairs to see this woman. She needed someone to cook.  Yes, I can cook.

The first thing she said to me

“You will be judged………………….by your Cheese Sauce.”

Interesting. Well, I got to work made a French white sauce, flour and melted butter on the bottom of the heating pot. Place half milk and half boiling water together, gradually add that and stir very regularly. I should know as I’ve done it heaps of time. Now, never fail

That, plus grated cheese and cooked cauliflower.

Ok got the lot into a 2 litre ice-cream container. .

Yes, it passed but there was dots not lumps in the cheese sauce, which is exactly what “Biche Mal Sauce ” plus cheese is like all the time.

Thought, “This will do her for a week!”

Guess what?

Next morning, she had eaten the lot for breakfast. …

Very, very interesting!

The Blackbird is wondering where it all gone? So he’s still looking for breakfast!


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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