Stop Poking Me!

Today I went back to my journal. One I kept when I was very young. It was and comment here, that sent me there. I was bugged because my brothers would not stop the teasing. They would poke at me, I would react loudly and I got in trouble from the reaction.  It happens all the time, even with adults.

I am respectful. If someone requests that I stay away from them, leave them alone, don’t engage, I stop. I believe everyone has a right to privacy even in a public place. I guess I believe that live and live is real thing, at least where I live.  My response will always be the same.” Shhh, be still and please respect my wishes.” Moving forward I am almost certain that won’t solve the issue, still I have to be true to myself.

It reminds me of my yelling at my Dad when a bear entered the camp in the middle of the night. Dad was trying to get the bear to leave. Mom was screaming don’t poke the bear. 

If I am the bear and you want me gone. Poking won’t work. It will just inspire me.

What do you think?

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