Startup Success Mantra: Be the Master-of-Mos

Running a startup comes with lots of opportunities. However, it demands you to sacrifice your valuable time, money and invest them in it to ensure your startup achieves the success it demands. Leading a startup to success is not an easy task and in the times when market competition is increasingly becoming stiff, finding out the right path is more than necessary to keep your startup running.

Entrepreneur: Living the Dream to Succeed in Life

Every entrepreneur dreams of achieving success and leading their startup to become one of the industry leaders. And to fulfill that dream, they are required to work harder and focus on providing the best services or products to impress their customers and gain popularity. Also, they first have to raise funds from investors to keep their startup running and also provide a return on their investments. However, this is not it.

Hiring Employees: Are They a Burden or Not?

Hiring employees to work in your startup is a difficult task to perform. A startup needs self-motivated and workaholic employees that are dedicated to complete their work and are highly productive. When needed, an employee from a startup should be able to take up responsibilities in the absence of someone else and perform all duties excellently. Finding such highly motivated individuals is not easy.

Even if you are able to find and gather such a group of people, you will have to pay them a dedicated amount of their salaries and hence, your business will be burdened to earn that much profit for compulsory to pay them. Supportive and talented employees who give an excellent return to the salaries being paid are worth to keep. However, it costs you a pretty amount if you have hired more than what your business can currently afford.

Why Can’t I Rely on Business Profits Earned?

Your startup has started earning profits. Great!! During the initial phase, a startup needs to save money as they might need them in any situation that can occur at any time. The profits earned by you must be saved for future enhancements. As the market trends keep on changing, your startup should invest in the latest tools that can provide you the lead in the market. Hence, the profits are to be saved for a better future. Also, during the times when your business is slow, you can use the saved money at the rescue and give it another shot to success.

How to Save Profits

The majority share of the profit goes into salaries. Keeping the fixed expenses aside, you as an entrepreneur must think to lower your variable costs and if we consider employee salaries, they can be kept to a bare minimum to ensure you save a large amount of profit. Well, not hiring employees may require you to complete all the work by yourself. Get your mind and body ready to work round the clock as you must be prepared to work at any hour without considering other necessities and luxuries to get your startup running on the right track.

Why Should I do All the Duties?

Apart from saving money, it helps you earn experiences. As being a startup owner (an entrepreneur), your next career goal is set to achieve success in the competitive business market. However, you can never be a hundred percent sure about the success of your startup. There are many examples of startup failures who had received tremendous funds and still failed. Therefore, even if your startup fails, you should be able to learn from it. Learning is important. Even if your startup has achieved success but you have only lead it so far and are still not able to understand all the work that is done, your efforts are of no use.

Performing the majority of the tasks by yourself helps you learn many things that you can add in your resume for later if your startup fails. And it also establishes you as a self-driven person who believes in the strength each person individually holds. For example, if you are planning on starting your business with taskrabbit clone app, you must ensure that you gather and arrange a meeting of providers by yourself and guide them on how to perform tasks to bring your startup a step higher than others. Remember, you understand your business better than anybody else and it is the only reason you should take up the responsibilities.

Final Notes

Your startup is your sole responsibility. Even if you succeed in hiring professionals to work for you, no one but you only can lead your startup to success with a clear understanding of the motive. To save on money and complete all work with efficiency, it is required for you to take up many responsibilities on your shoulders and carve your own path to success.


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Written by Shady Johnson

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