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Starting With Ooh and Ending With La

Many people tend to associate the French expression ooh-la-la with romance and sexual attractions. However, this expression was not meant to be expressed like this. The term ooh-la-la actually expresses delighted surprise and can also show frustration. When expressed in terms of frustration the more la’s that are added the more annoyance the speaker shows. 

 So yes the term ooh-la-la can be used in romantic terms but it can also be used in different ways. So the next time someone gives you a happy surprise you can shout ooh-la-la and if someone annoys you so you do not have to use swear words just say ooh-la-la-la depending on how annoyed they’ve made you.


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  1. I remember a skit that I had taken part in where I was a French Teacher teaching English to Indians and this is one line I remember
    “Ooo la la la whath a bunch of nith withs I goth thu thrain (lol)


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