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It’s been an interesting day. My husband was on the site reading.  (I never know what is going to catch his eye.) I have not gone to read the post he is ranting about, but he keeps saying if you want people to treat you in a professional manner, you have to speak and act that way as well. I won’t let him have an account because he would simply say what he thinks, for example. He’s a  Vietnam vet and he thinks there should not be a fence on the boarder, but what he wants I wouldn’t dare say here and he would be proud to say it.

Today is a busy work day and I have not looked at any post since this morning. He is just all upset. I am nervous about reading any posts when I am completely finished with work. In fact I may wait a couple days because he is that upset. I hope he is blowing it all out of sorts. 

I really am afraid to look. It’s been pretty civil here for the most part. I just hope he is wrong.


What do you think?


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  1. I am trying to find out what is happening. Is there a storm blowing in? You know I went to one site that will purchase articles. They informed me that once submitted they will let me know if accepted, if needs editing or if rejected. Well, for many articles I get information online and always make sure it is in good enough shape to publish. They decided my article was too close to the actual source but instead of telling me that and saying try again the simply said this was a breach of rules and locked me out of the site. Say what? Just like that? I tell you things are getting tougher and tougher out there day by day. As they say – be afraid be very afraid.

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