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Sorrow and Writing

Writing for me is a way that I can work through my sorrow.  My Dad died a few years ago in 2011 and at times I still have not gotten over that.  That is when I started to write and send various items out to publications. These projects were a poetry book of 30 poems, a few children’s picture books, and I even tried to write a newspaper column for a very small weekly, but they needed the room for advertising and had no room for my writing.  Now, my Mom dies just a few months ago and writing in helping me when I have a chance to write, when I am not doing chores, watching kids who do not seem to think that I need to work just like the other people who work where I live. This site is giving me a chance to earn at least a little toward my payments on my school loans.

Writing even this article gives me someone to talk to besides talking to kids of various ages. I tried to talk to the adults around me, but they are all women and they talk about their diet they are on at the moment. I do not need a diet for I seem to be losing just by doing chores from mowing the lawns and cleaning houses that I do for free just to help out. I find myself talking to myself a lot, since there really is no one for me to talk to, so I became a writer as well as a teacher. There really is no one for me to talk to, but a dog, a birthday present, and those conversations can only go so far.

The articles and quizzes that I am writing for this site is helping me cope with the loss of both my Mom and Dad.  To be honest I can not wait for kids to go back to school so that I can write more.  Writing is going to be new career if things work out and with making comments on my writing sites I will have a few adults to ‘talk’ to now.  The image I chose is how I feel much of time since my Mom died and I feel lonely, but thanks to this site it gives me a chance to share my thoughts, skills and most importantly my FEELINGS.


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  1. I too have lost my parents my father in 1999, and my mother in 2005. I was fortunate in the fact that I wasn’t an only child, I had several siblings. I am also a writer myself and I know first hand that writing out our feelings does help. I don’t think we ever truly get over the loss though, it just becomes a part of who we are from this point on.

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