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Sopotnica river that has no stems from an old stone house on the bank of the river. Kamen is siga, originated in a strange chemical process, water and sun. The river is mountainous, fast and with numerous springs. Below the house water springs. And beneath the steep meadows. And above the house in the beech forest. You never know when you will encounter hot. Bistro, cold and sparkling. I always surrounds this pleasant freshness brought by winds from Jadovnik, crude and Non-wooded mountains. Beneath it, in a valley, lies the village of Sopotnica. The existence of water in this part of the legend: Once the Sopotnicani lived on the other side Jadovnik, the thirsty level Pesteri. When they got tired of thirst, headed to Lima, abandoning ancestral. On Jadovnik spend the night in the dead of night, the mountain erupted strange voice: “Choose! Do you want water or luck?” Water! Water! “Cried the peasants were wrong. Then something boomed, the earth trembled, burst the wall, out of the boiling gasped strongly and beat a series of waterfalls in the form of a rocky slope. As soon as they come out of the oak groves of Lima, commands a magnificent sight, with a high limestone cliff falls down waterfalls and their roar give this mountain village a special charm. There are also mills and mills are strung like pearls . Sometimes they worked and their  gave the village a special rhythm of life. U their work is used for keeping a tally.notched various dashes, vertically divided into two . part to the fair stayed a second. to keep something in the nation, it is wisdom. today there water mills and not hear the knocks mallets .stone forever stopped going grandfather Dimitri. In Sopotnica a mountain hut or developed and rural tourism. When the host is a good accommodation and the food exceptional. You can camp out in the backyard and mountain lodge. All my years here were written. Outgoing, kind of sad look deep down and see Lim, wonderful, green, snaking between the slanted side of the mountain

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