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Soothing Green

The color green is the color of spring and summer and it makes me smile. It is the color that provides balance and harmony and is sure to make a nice balance between the heart and emotions thus making our world much more joyful.

Other things that green represents are growth, renewal, and rebirth. If we feel like we can’t take another step look to this color to renew and restore energy and it has to power to relax us and take away all the stress. Another thing that I give a thumbs up to this color is that green is an emotionally positive color and it gives us the possibility to love and nurture ourselves.

Different shades of green:

Pale green – the color of new plants. Represents immaturity, youth, and inexperience and give us a chance for a new beginning.

Emerald green – A most uplifting and inspiring color and has always been one of my favorites. It is also the color of the birthstone emerald for those born in May.

Jade green – It represents confidentiality and trust as well as diplomacy and tact. Reminds me of all those jade statues one can find for sale. This color also increases worldly wisdom and understanding.

Lime green – a most amusing color which inspires youthfulness and playfulness.

Dark green – reminds me of the forest and the firs and pines.

Aqua – makes me think of the oceans and seas. It also calms the spirit, offers protection and helps heal the emotions.

Olive green – is the traditional color of peace.

Grass green – a most delightful color all through spring and summer also the color of money. It is self-confident and secure, natural and healthy and of course along with a lot of the other green colors everywhere in nature.

Green Food:

I mentioned olives, there are green grapes, green apples, cucumbers, salad and broccoli and many other kinds of foods that are a shade of green.

The green apples in the photo are the apples that used to grow on my apple tree in Riga, Latvia


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