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Some People Say Things Without Any Basis At All

There are so many things that people could say without knowing the real reason. They tend to give opinions without having a self-research information. People have personalities that cannot understand overnight. We can splurge time to know someone or somebody before broadcasting a piece of advice. It seems that everything has the answers with a person.

In giving opinions, it should be in the form of two shades: the pros and cons situational aspect. It is mind-boggling to attempt at getting into the mind of the people. A certified mind reader can able to perceive people not only in speaking but also in writing. If the real color of a person being detected or revealed, we need to stay away and respect their opinions or ideas. It doesn’t mean we acknowledge that they are right. It is just a part of giving them the benefits of the doubt. In some occasion, they can’t get the impulse and continue to insist what’s right or wrong for them. It is a typical self-centered persona.

Life is not the perfect things to have. If someone claimed that he or she knows everything, then he or she is the next soul to God or Jesus. I cannot fathom the guts to claim such euphoric idea. You might think that it doesn’t exist. In fact, the existence is so strong that some people cannot conceal the feeling of believing he or she knows everything. That’s a typical pathetic behavior. The best course of action of this is to ignore. If you are going to entertain them, you are just fueling the egoistic behavior. In the end, there is no resolution and continued to be persistent with what they know is right or wrong.

One of the main reason why some people who have such personality because they lack the humility and insensitive to others. As it was mentioned, ignore this kind of behavior and hopefully, they will change into a new leaf. If not, then let them live with too many expectations of themselves. In time, they can have their own reflections of themselves and learn to be humble towards others.

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Written by Steven Gamboa

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  1. Hmm…I´d have to say that I disagree with you. I don´t think people say think without any basis at all. Everyone does what he knows best at that specific moment. I have a strong beliefs that everything happens for a reason and that there are no things that happen by chance! However I like hearing other people´s opinion different than mine so I appreciate what I´ve read!

  2. You are absolutely correct, but you are only describing human nature as it has been ever since humans learned to speak! This trait used not to matter too much, because the comments – however hurtful and untrue – usually did not penetrate very far (although there were plenty of exceptions). In recent years, however, technology has enabled untruths to reach huge numbers of people very quickly, and for it to become very difficult for the average person to know what to believe and what to dismiss as a lie.

    Nowhere is this more evident than with the current US President, who is known to utter lies almost on an industrial scale and to condemn what anyone else says as “fake news”. He will get millions of people to hear or read what he says within seconds of uttering his garbage, and a large proportion of his hearers will take what he says on trust.

    However, this trend also works all the way down the line to kids in school who suffer cyber-bullying from lies that are perpetrated about them and about which they can do absolutely nothing. Some victims of this have even committed suicide.

    What can be done about this? One thing might be for people to learn to spot the signs when it comes to lying – at any level – and to be far less credulous when things are said or written that could be untrue.


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