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Some Memories Just Won't Die

This refers to a sentimental song “Some Memories Just Won’t Die” by Marty Robbins. It’s a country music song from the early 1980s. If you didn’t know the people you can just see a little, smiling girl sitting on her daddy’s lap.

I took a closer look at the photo so that my memories wouldn’t end with just what I saw in the photo. I was eight years old so this was in 1965. You can see a Timex watch on my wrist. These watches were very popular at that time. They were the usual type of watch which you wound each day and of course I just had to have one. I am wearing a red corduroy which was a hand-me-down. To help my parents many of their friends who had more than one child would give them the clothing that was wearable but had been outgrown. Even though clothing and other items during that time weren’t too expensive I was a growing child and this helped my parents stretch their budget. I loved corduroy clothing as much as my mom because it was durable, I could play in it and it never mattered if I got messy.

Since we are all home it had to have been a Saturday or a Sunday because both my parents worked and I went to school. I cannot tell you about the month or season because we lived in an apartment and there is nothing outside of the window to inform me of the weather. It appears the sun was shining. I do know that once the photo was taken I kissed my daddy. If it was not the time for a meal then my dad might suggest that the two of us go to the park. It was usual that the two of us went to the park without mom so that she could rest up for the week ahead. I do see that my dad is wearing a suit so that could mean that being an editor for a Latvian newspaper he might have had to attend a meeting or an event which he would write about for the newspaper the next day. For casual photos, he would never dress up in a suit and even if he didn’t wear jeans he wore casual slacks and shirts for his days off.

So there you have it the song, the photo and the story that goes with it.


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