We live in confusing times. We can put a pair of goggles on and appear to be in a whole new world. Media can say just about anything and get away with it by adding a simple disclaimer. People often get away with misinformation that causes others harm. Is there really any “one” to blame and is there real “truth” or is it always biased by our history, experiences  and beliefs.

This morning I want to look up something on “Snopes”. They are touted to be experts in fact finding to see if something is accurate or not. This is the first time I have visited the site.

I wanted to know who does the research, what is their background and what measure are taken to remove as much bias as possible. I truly believe no one can be completely unbiased. So do they attempt to balance their staff to find that happy medium of what may be accurate.

I remember saying to my husband one day “That was simply uncalled for, mean spirited and should have never been a topic of discussion.” His reply was “It was just a simple fact.” 

I didn’t think it was a fact, I believe it was an opinion based on his experience.

I think it would be important to know the background of the people who run Snopes, do you?


What do you think?


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