Six seeds of Judah dates (datule)

Six seeds of Judah dates (datule) was discovered in 1963 in a single vessel, during the archaeological excavation of the palace of Herod I the Great (37 BC – 4 AD), the famous fortress of Masada. Radiocarbon dating established the age of the seeds – somewhere between 155 BC and 64 years are Judean date palm has long been extinct subspecies in this area. Her name, pen, mentioned in both the Old and New Testament and in the Koran. Elena solos, from the Center for Sustainable Agriculture Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, decided in 2005 to plant three of the six seeds. Although he doubted the positive outcome of the experiment, the seeds were treated with hormone-rich solutions and special fertilizers, and then carefully planted in the garden of the Institute Keturi. Almost unexpectedly, a single seed has sprouted in the young man. Today it is four meters high palm tree. Named Methuselah, according to the longest-running character in the Old Testament, because it emerged from the oldest scientifically validated seeds. Miracles are (still) happen …


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