Sir Francis Bacon and The Mass Deception

Friday, 8.30.19

Who is this Sir Francis Bacon?

Sir Francis Bacon was the Editor for the King James Bible, which was printed in 1611. He was also a Freemason. This First Edition of King James Bible, edited by Francis Bacon as well as prepared under Masonic supervision, incorporates more masonic ideas than any cathedral’s teachings.

I decided to further research this Sir Francis Bacon editing the first edition of the King James Bible. This video is kind of long, over one hour, but it is interesting. I do have the first edition of King James Bible from childhood in the seventies, which was actually a gift from a friend. But the only time I read it was for research purposes.

Moreover, this video is a part 1. So, there are probably other parts to this explanation on Youtube. This part 1 mostly explains the Rosicrucian takeover of Great Britain and Europe. There is also proof that King James wouldn’t have allowed Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucian to change the original 1611 Authorized Version.

It has to do with New World Order and world takeover and anti-Christ agenda.

This stuff is interesting. It also goes back to ancient Scottish Druids and Occult Secret Societies. They are into satanism and demonology.

This video also makes a connection between Bohemian Groves to these twisted masonic men, Illuminati, and secret societies.

There is a conspiracy to destroy God’s Words for the New World Order, since the beginnings of time, in which I have noticed some from the Zionist Media since back in the seventies.

Sir Francis Bacon was publishing his work in England, but King James wanted nothing to do with Bacon. It appears Bacon was a Luciferian, promoting Occult information and into Luciferian philosophy. Bacon was into Magic and Sorcery. King James wasn’t interested in Magic or this evil information.

Toward the end of the video, it is about the mass deception to fool the masses into the satanic New World Order, One World Government, and the Baphomet agenda.

Oliver Cromwell restarted the Rosicrucian in England after it was defeated in Europe via activists. Three men started the Rosicrucian Movement. Cromwell was an agent of Rosicrucian. One of the men mentioned was a Pantheist, and Pantheist is a form of Zionism. It is also mentioned that secret societies are involved in witchcraft, and these witches should be protected. (Well, this explains why the Epstein case is now closed).  It is also mentioned that Francis Bacon was a homosexual, but they spread the rumor that King James was a homosexual because he was against the changes.


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