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She’s Only Two

I love children and I love the parents of this darling two year old. I fear for their relationship! Why? Because the parents have studied they know what the lists say their two year should be doing. So the poor child is not having fun and learning, there is a checklist. 

Here is an interesting example. The child should be able to pretend with toys to perform tasks they see their parents complete. So they got her a little kitchen set because her Mom loves to cook.

Her Mom called in a panic. She is using the frying pan one the stove, but she didn’t use the plastic food items, she made something out of playdough and put it in there. I said “Ask her what she is making?”


“Because you called me for advice so you should follow it. What did she say she was making? “

She asked the child.

“I am making a purple pancake.”

“Okay everything is fine.”


Her Mom said “No it’s not fine. She is using the toy in the wrong way and there are no such things as purple pancakes.” 

She is using her imagination and I am sure that is on your list. Pancakes can be purple, that is what food coloring can do for regular pancakes. Why don’t you surprise her with some purple pancakes and tell her it was a great idea.

Her Mom said I am foolish and hung up.

(I know the child is older, but the stove she has it the same!)


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I remember when I was teaching school (2nd grade). My first year I had a senior teacher as my mentor. I met with her right after school. One day we met in the mimeograph room. She was copying pages. I asked what she was using them for. She said, “these are for next year.” I swore then that I would never force kids into doing the same sheets year after year.

    You did the right thing!

    • Well, we clearly have a difference of language here. I think a child that isn’t allowed to explore and have an imagination is not optimal. I didn’t say it was the worst thing ever and compare it to abuse and concentration camps. Take a breathe.


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