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Shades of Gray

Gray makes me think of gray skies and rainy days. Usually, the wintertime seems to be always gray. I can’t think of too many things when I think of the color gray. I know I love the combinations of gray and green, gray and yellow, gray and red and gray and white.  I have to mention my adopted cat Sid because he is a natural and true gray in various shades.

This color is the color of wisdom, intellect, and knowledge. It is one that commands authority. Since gray is a perfect kind of neutral color it is chosen by designers as a background color.

Some of the more interesting facts about gray:

  • The New York Times has been referred to as the” Gray Lady”.
  • This color is related to intellect and our brains are composed of” gray matter”.
  • On the downside, gray is representative of pessimism.
  • There are around 500 shades of gray which the human eye can distinguish.

There are two variations of the color gray:

  • Light gray which is calming and soothing. It can save, rescue, and enlighten those who find themselves in difficult situations in life.
  • Dark gray is solemn and serious and it’s associated with self-denial and self-discipline.

Next up as I did with all my other color blogs I started searching for gray food. Yes, indeed there is mushroom soup which when creamy can resemble gray, there are oysters, and there is oatmeal. Some gravies can look gray but that I believe is about it.

I don’t know why but I have always thought that it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to have gray flowers. I don’t think that there are any flowers which are gray.

However, there are birds that are gray. Among them, my favorites are the Gray Catbird, Mountain Chickadee and the Gray Flycatcher. There are many others. The most common bird the pigeon is prominently gray. As you can see in my photo on top.


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