Should school uniforms be compulsory or not?

I studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya where we had a school uniform- navy blue skirt with white shirt during Summer and grey skirt, white shirt & navy blue blazer during Winter. On Saturdays, we were required to wear white uniform- white skirt and shirt with white canvas shoes. As a student, I used to hate school uniform. How boring it was to wear the same clothes over and over again to school everyday! And if you deviate even a little bit from the uniform (not wearing the mandatory red ribbons or white socks or the school belt), you used to get punishment.

But now I realize how important it is to have compulsory school uniform for all especially in areas with diverse socio-economic conditions. School uniforms bring a sense of unity and equality among students. Poor students are saved from the inferiority complex and discrimination they might have to face otherwise. Also, school uniform inculcates a sense of discipline among students. Uniform saves the students from falling prey to fashion at least during school hours and they don’t have to rack their brains as to what to wear.

Some schools give the freedom of wearing casual clothes on the birthdays or on some special occasions like freshers party etc. while some schools don’t allow any such concessions. I know how the students dislike wearing the same uniform over and over again. It really gets monotonous at times. But school uniforms serve a very useful purpose of bringing equality among the students. In some countries, school uniforms are not compulsory and the students are allowed to come to school in casual clothes. However in India, school uniforms are compulsory in almost all the schools.

Are school uniforms mandatory in your country? Do you think it is a good idea to have uniforms in school or do you think uniforms should be done away with?


What do you think?

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  1. Thank you I know someone who works in education who said they too liked the school uniform for the same reasons you said. It does take away from kids dressing better than other kids all because they have more money. While growing up I kind of wish we had school uniforms I think my parents would have liked it having eight kids they had to supply school clothes for.

  2. I hated wearing the school uniform as a kid but I think there are some merits to it. Here in the USA in some areas kids have been beaten up by bullies who stole their sneakers. Requiring everyone to wear the same shoes might have prevented that.

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