Scattered – 3

People who are scattered don’t seem to know ‘where the time goes’. That is because they process information very slowly. They don’t realise this. As odd as it may seem, they are totally unaware that their ability to comprehend information and utilise it is extremely impaired.

If they appreciated the fact that everyone else who has seen/heard the same thing reached a conclusion minutes or hours before they did, then it would be of benefit to them. But they have no inkling that everyone’s brain seems to work faster.

Further, as most believe they are more intelligent than others, they do not realise that persons they considered less intelligent can and do manipulate them.

Scattered people, like Melisa believe they are in the top 10% when in truth they are mid-range. They may assume they have an I.Q of over 130 when they score no more than 98. If they were shown their I.Q results and believed and accepted them, they would gain a rebooting of reality and not operate under the assumption that they are so bright.

It is this aggrandised view of the intellect which contributes to their failure. If they accepted reality they would not attempt to multi-task, they would focus on one thing and know they can not do more than one.

If Melisa appreciated reality she would have focused on getting her parent’s death registered and having the property transferred to her name, so that twelve years would not pass where she could not sell the house because she did not own it in law.


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