Scare the Daylights Out of Him

There are so many things in this world that we cannot explain. We experience things that make us in a state of insanity. Some people had shared their experiences that need to be told to others. The ghostly image in their mind was created because of a close encounter with real ghosts.

At first, some people are not a believer in this kind of phenomenon. They don’t even think that it will happen in their existence in this world. In the religious context, religious people do believe in exorcism. It is Satan’s work as they claimed. At some point, they questioned our strong faith in God. “Can we explain how the ghost phenomenon?” It wasn’t an imaginative situation and that’s the truth behind the ghost mystery.

A friend had experienced such a ghost encounter during his college days. He and his sister were left in the city to study. Both parents and the youngest brother are staying in the lowland area because of business. Since it is a long weekend, my sister and I decided to visit them. Everything went swimmingly for our visit.

After a three-day stay with our family, my friend, and his sister is bound to go back to the city. It was late at night and drove along the dark road. All of a sudden, they saw a woman with a white dress walking to the other side of the road and waving her hands to the other vehicles. However, when they looked down at her lower limbs, she doesn’t have feet. Basically, she is floating and moving forward. With that incidence, my friend does believe that there is something here on earth that we can’t explain why they exist.

Even science experts cannot explain the existence of the ghost in this world. For some people, they continued to ghost hunt and trying to know what’s really behind the truth of unexplainable phenomena.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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