Sara Sander removed from the restaurant Why? Here is the real Story

US Department of Foreign Affairs Sarah Sander fired for the hotel without having to eat due to working for Trump.

Sarah Sender, a spokesperson of the Department of Foreign Affairs, told on social networking website on Twitter, in a restaurant in Virginia presented a strange incident on the occasion of dinner, When the hotel mistress Wilkinson came to her table and asked her to go out of the restaurant without having to eat.

The restaurant owner said Sarah Sander, while saying that you work for the trump, so leave the restaurants here immediately.

Sarah Sander added to her tweet, that I quietly came out without giving any reaction to the restaurant owner behavior at that time. Although restaurant owner’s behavior was telling a lot about her. But I always show respect to people, whether he/she is willing to oppose my opponent and she will always maintain a balanced attitude.

Owner Wilkinson said the restaurant was contacted by the international media after the Foreign Secretary Spokesperson Sara Sander’s tweet. That Sarah is working for a cruel person like a Trump instead of supporting humanity, which is separating children from their immigrants parents.


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