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Rosenkvarc – a crystal of love

Rosenkvarc is a crystal that got its name first and foremost in its color. The gentle pink color comes in different nuances due to the presence of manganese, titanium or iron, and its color can be from deep pink to light pink, almost colorless. Very rare and high quality pink quartz pieces have microscopic fine needles of rutile as inclusion (inclusion) which gives the appearance of a light star in the crystal. The phenomenon is called asterism (light star rays)

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The largest sites are in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, Brazil, India, USA, Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan. For the most beautiful, the crystal is from Mozambique.
Rosenkvarc is a stone of heart and crystal of unconditional love. Protector is all kinds of love emotions – platonic, marital, family, friendly. It is also known as a family stone because it contributes to understanding, tolerance, peace and spiritual harmony among its members.

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It strengthens its power, establishes an emotional balance, arouses life joy, and attracts and maintains the interest of the opposite sex. In crystallotherapy rozenkvarc plays a major role in healing emotional wounds as well as in elimination of negative emotions such as grief, anger, hatred, anger, suspicion, fear. Helps in the release of spiritual traumas such as abuse, neglect, exploitation or lack of love. To attract love rozenkvarc hold near the bed, and it is advisable to wear it with you in the form of jewelry or in your pocket. To achieve peace and harmony in the family, place it in the area of the living room.


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