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Respect & Appreciation From Us To Us.

After a couple of months in Virily, with the last information that its members have exceeded 1000 people, we here open the pages, read, vote, write comments, share, and post our original work and so on. Personally, I have various impressions about my friends, especially those who are active.

I think it is important and good to get or give a view of us all, how we behave as members in Virily. If you wish, would you like to appreciate our friends on certain criteria:

1. Friends with the most impressive and appreciative comments.

2. The most loyal friends and good supporters

3. The funniest and entertaining friend

4. Good discussion friends

It is not about our posts but about how we respond to our friends works so far, and or how our friends respond to our works. Furthermore, with the intention to strengthen the fraternity of Virily and honor those who are special to us in our community, I humbly urge you and me who are not mentioned by anyone, in any criteria not to feel discouraged and disappointed.

Let’s do it simply, you just need to write down the criteria number and name of the friend you think is suitable in the comment box, for example:

1. Flash Gordon 2. Andromeda 4. Robin Hood or

1/2/3/4 Popeye or

1. Flash Gordon, Popeye & Scoobie Doo 3. Spiderman

It’s up to you, and you may add an impression or comment about them or even appreciation for them. Let’s give and enjoy the appreciation!

Best Regards, Greetings In The Virily Brotherhood.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi, Albert. I read your post just now. ā˜ŗāœŒ Lol. Is it so unfair while in fact you visited all my posts? Well, almost all the names written by our co-virilians through their comments are approved to be friendly.
    Now I just want to give my comment with you based on your criteria. I must say that you are a Friend with the most impressive and appreciative comments.

  2. This is a wonderful idea, Albert.
    For one I’d put your name on all four categories. While I gained some new friends here at Virily, There are some long time friends from other similar sites, specially from RG and Niume, and like to mention some of them. (some may have used different ID on the other sites and I failed to recognize them)

    Ellis mom (Courtney)
    Woody (I think)

    Of course I’d like to mention also Gina23 whom I tagged as the queen of quizzes (grin) and Indexer who has been writing interesting facts about Rome.

    There are still others that I’d like to mention but unfortunately I can’t recall their IDs at the moment.
    I hope you don’t bring down Mjolnir on me or lead the Magog to consume everyone around me for failing to mention your names here

    • Thank you for your appreciation on this post, to our friends here, and also to me. I agree that in fact many of us have been together at several similar sites, in my context; Tsu and Niume. Some names you mentioned are also friends with me on both sites.
      Mjolnir and the Magog? I hope you can explain the interesting terms, I feel curious about it.

  3. Thank you so much for including me in your list, Albert! I always enjoy reading your witty comments.
    I strive to be always responsive to everyone. There are days when Iā€™m busy but then I visit all and return visits. All the people who I visit on Virily, Im happy with all.

  4. This is an interesting idea, but I’m terrible at remembering names (I usually remmeber the profile photos, haha), and I don’t want to miss someone.
    Thank you so much for including me in your list, Albert! I always enjoy reading your witty comments, and I love it that you are always open for discussion! Have a wonderful day ahead, friend!

  5. I am very happy and grateful to have many friends in Virily. To my best old friend Beada Beada. Also my close friend here in Virily; Carol DM, Alex Ledante, Gina23, ellie925, tasartcraft, Pamela Moresby, Leslie Suzanne Dobson, AC Khoo, TheOfficialAndrew, MommyofEli2013, Elenka lacho59, Marcelle, Kim_Johnson, Vidocka, Dawnwriter, Norman Darlington, Leigh Kemp, Indexer, Cassy Janine, Stbrians, DocAndersen and all I can not mention one by one… Also, all best friends who are currently inactive. Regards.

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