Rereading Nineteen EightyFour – Part III Chap 1 (4)

A poet, Ampleforth, joins Winston in the cell.  They spoke for a few minutes when  a yell from the telescreen demanded silence. 

Immediately Winston sat., Ampleforth, too large to sit on the narrow bench, fidgeted and the telescreen barked at him to keep still.

That ‘Big Brother is Watching’  at all times, is evident.

After time, there were boots in the hall.  Winston felt terror. The door opened, the same young officer stepped in and  indicated Ampleforth.

‘Room 101,’ he said.

Ampleforth marched  out between the guards.

Time passed, Winston’s pain increased.

He had only six thoughts. The pain in his belly; a piece of bread; the blood and the screaming; O’Brien ; Julia; the razor blade.

Then  the heavy boots approached,  the door opened, the wave of air that it created brought in a powerful smell of cold sweat.

 Parsons walked into the cell. He was wearing khaki shorts and a sports-shirt.

‘You here!’ he said.

Winston knew Parsons from work.


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