Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – The Importance of Part II Chap. 5

Chapter 5 reveals so much that needs to be carefully examined.

Considering current events, (especially those in the United States) reading this chapter slowly, exposes reality.

People are  ‘erased’ and no one mentions it.  Everyday there is ‘Two Minutes Hate’ where anger and frustration is directed at a  chosen target.  Once a year there is Hate Week.  

The turning others, be they political opponents or other nations into targets of Hate is a simple way to channel the minds of followers.   

Another key fact is that people do not seem to care that everything they are told are lies.   They are powerless , but even more significant, do not begin to know how they would rebel.   

The vocabulary is constantly shrunk to leave less words; i.e. think of a speech of Trump where he repeats small words over and again.  By limiting the vocabulary one can think of what one can not word.  

By limiting the vocabulary, the understanding of the public, it is easy to control them, for  they do not understand what is really happening.


What do you think?


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