Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II Chap. 9 (11)

In the Goldstein’s Book Winston reads; 

“The primary aim of modern warfare (in accordance with the principles of doublethink, is simultaneously recognized and not recognized by the directing brains of the Inner Party) is to use up the products of the machine without raising the general standard of living.”

“Science and technology were developing at a prodigious speed, and it seemed natural to assume that they would go on developing. This failed to happen, partly because of the impoverishment caused by a long series of wars and revolutions, partly because scientific and technical progress depended on the empirical habit of thought, which could not survive in a strictly regimented society.”

Here, as we know, (stepping back from the words in the Book) Orwell got it wrong.  Technology is used to regiment and control society.


What do you think?


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