Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II Chap 5 (12)

Julia didn’t care about the next generation, only here and now.  Winston responds:

“You are only a rebel from the waist downwards,”

She found his remark brilliant, and hugged him.

Julia  had no interest in party doctrine nor its effects.   Whenever Winston began to talk of the principles of Ingsoc, doublethink, the mutability of the past, denial of objective reality, Newspeak, she became bored and confused.

To her,  it was all rubbish, so why let oneself be worried by it? She knew when to cheer and when to boo, and that was all one needed.

If  Winston  persisted in talking of such subjects, she had a disconcerting habit of falling asleep.

Winston realised that it was  easy  to appear an orthodox Party member while having no grasp whatever of what orthodoxy meant.


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