Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II – 3 (2)

Julia Winston meet at an abandoned church.  They spend most of the time talking.  Every so often one of them went to insure there were no spies.  

Unlike Winston who lived alone, she lived with thirty other women in a dorm.

Julia was twenty six, with little memory before the 1960s.  Her grandfather who disappeared when she was eight was the only one who spoke of the old days.

Her life had been fully devoted to The Party.  She was the perfect member, captain of her hockey team, a troop leader of the junior spies, a branch secretary in the youth league before joining the anti-sex league.

Due to her excellent character she had been chosen to work in Pornosec, the division which produced pornographic novels for sale to the proles.  The proles (proletariat)  believed the books and magazines were illegal,  not that they were created by the government and sold to them.

Julia described her sex life, beginning at sixteen with a sixty year old party member who committed suicide.  This was just the first of  many  sexual affairs.

That Julia wore the banner of the Anti-Sex League and seemed the perfect Member.   As the Party used antonyms as synonyms, Julia was a perfect example of the ‘War is Peace’.


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