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Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – 2

What I missed the first time I had read Nineteen Eighty Four begins in Chapter Two.  Winston Smith,  assisting a neighbour encounters her children.   

These are feral children, raised to be mindless pawns of The Party.  That these children have been brainwashed to the atoms of their being, is exposed.  They match the current generation of feral children who are never disciplined.  They have no respect for adults.

Winston Smith, coming to this neighbour’s flat to help her clear a drain is confronted by her children.  Horrible savage creatures,  whose brains are owned by  The Party.

As he leaves, he is injured by one of the neighbours children, who fires a catapult at him.  

That child, never beaten by an adult, unafraid of anything, can injure another person without the slightest expectation of retaliation.

This prediction that children would be raised without discipline has come true.


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