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Reminiscing with the Peanuts Gang

Sunday, January 12, 2020

As I listen to these music videos, I felt like I just fell into an eighties nostalgic hole, but it seemed blurry because I am also aware that I am currently in 2020.  It is so far away in the past. While listening to these songs, I reminisce my teen years, as well as my college years, because they were both in the eighties.

The nighties for me were just as interesting because they weren’t about the music. I moved on to social parties and events as well as going back to school to continue grow and learn.

After the millennium, the 2000s were all about the internet life, and I have grown so much, in many different ways on the internet. When I adopted Gumby in 2008, I soon found out that he was a Millennium Baby or Millennium Kitten.


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