Remembering the Last Day of School

Who remembers this fun, happy yet kind of sad day? I am one of those people who did not live close to my school friends, so the last day of school was kind of sad for me. This was a day that was usually a half day to say ‘See you next year!” to all my friends all in about four hours. It was really sad when graduation day occurred for I knew I would probably not see any of these friends again. This was very true for me till I signed on to Facebook and signed up for my high school’s page or was it when I was looking for old friends on Facebook on a discussion on what memories do you have of school. I now have a few old friends now on Facebook Messenger and I send messages every so often when I have something to share.

Back to the last day of school was a time for me to make plans for the summer, which at the age of 12 and up was usually about a part/full time job as a kid who cut grass. This was a good time though for it became a regular job for about 20 more years that got me through two years of business school that turned out to be a review of what I learned in high school that only paid off with a temporary position for one summer season as an office worker at a local high school.

So, who and what were your memories of the last day of school?


What do you think?


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