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I have this weird belief.

See, I just happen to have this weird idea that I somehow serve this world in some way, in a grand fashion and that, although I die in obscurity, penniless and probably alone, again, I play a part in the story of Humanity.

I also just happen to believe this has been recognised by others and a great number of people have stepped in over the years to help me escape a curse placed upon me as a young boy – the curse of drug addiction.

At times, I am reminded of a day when an old man took a minute of his life to remind me “It’s all about what you focus on.”

I guess I could be all sad and hurt about a recent bad situation on a brand-new job or I can just congratulate my bosses for the Great Victory in taking a weakened, fatigued, half-starving, homeless white guy out of the picture because they felt threatened or, I could recognize that they ACTUALLY felt threatened by the weakened, fatigued, half-starving, homeless white guy and perhaps I should just keep my chin up.

Because if they fear me now, just wait until I have money. I’ll enjoy seeing them grovel and worry what might be coming for them because they remember how they treated me before they realized I am on my way up, no matter what crap they might throw my way to trip me up.

My goals are before me, everywhere I go. The Gods, they guide me. I have no need of these imposter “intercessors” who try convincing others they are somehow, necessary.

All I need to do is keep stepping towards my personal goals and stepping away from those who seek to trip me up or trap me into other plans.

Nobody owns me.

It seems, the more “religious” the people I encounter on jobs and in society, seems to be the more vicious and monsterous people to folks like me.

So, I’ll just leave these people to spew their “GawdGawdGawd” talk out of one end while spewing nothing but foul out of the other end.

I can’t be the only person who has noticed this.

I’m sure someone out there will read this and feel “This sounds so much like me I feel offended and had better flag this as hate speech” but please don’t.

Rather, ask yourself why this feels so offensive to you.

What do you think?

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Written by DonaldPennington

I finally fought off a years-long drug addiction and I am on my way to living some stories of my own.


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  1. there’s times in everyone’s lives we have done something or another that wasn’t right &as we grow older we learn something about us or God hits us over the head to wake us up in life to change
    just what we’re doing to ourselves to BE better people so I applaud you for your post here. :>} & I
    think it’s GREAT that you have over come some tough things in your life to become a better person.

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