Relampago del Catatumbo

Between 140 and 160 days a year – 10 hours in a row, above the place where the Catatumbo River flows into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, in the sky happens spectacular sight: a natural light show in which lightning strikes up to 280 times in just one hour.Known as the “Relampago del Catatumbo”, this storm is going on forever, that is, as long as human memory goes … A storm has even written 1597 on “dragontea” poet Lope de Vega. De Vega in the song writing about the people who tried to take the city of Maracaibo in 1595, and of course the powerful lightning bolts that are permanently obasjavele army and also paid tribute to veterans their location city. A similar scenario occurred and 24 July 1823, when during a lightning lit up the Venezuelan Civil War and paid tribute position of Spanish warships.

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