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Really Aged Wine

The people of the country of Georgia at the intersection of Europe and Asia in the Caucasus  Mountains were fermenting grapes some 6,000 years before Jesus turned water into wine. At first it was thought that winemaking began in the present country of Iran about 5,000 B.C. but this all changed when prehistoric pottery pieces were found near Tbilisi the capital of Georgia.

The clay pieces contained traces of citric acid, grape pollen, and signs of fruit flies from prehistoric times. These once decorative vats were used to hold vast quantities of wine about as much as 400 wine bottles would hold.


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  1. can you imagine the auction of such wine, if it still existed? Cognac from the times of Napoleon recently sold for more than a million dollars.

    Cheap Canadian Whiskey sunk off of Chicago in the days of prohibition goes for more than 10000 a bottle.


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