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Real life in Village

I want to say something about village life. In last month I was visited to a friend home at an village. I stay there for one week. I saw real and beautiful life here. This village known as ‘Chan sair’. There is about 50 homes here. I saw a thank very intriguing here which is not shown in city life. In this village  different nation, tribe people but all living like a family. They all meet each other like a family members. Thy shere every thing to each other.

The people of village wake up very early in the morning. They all leave thair beds before raising of sun. They do hard work in thair fields all they day.  I was a thang here that only one water point in the village. Ladies brings water for thair use early in the morning. Only one shop avail in this village for completing thair needs in the shap of foods. Every thang is available in the shops including first aid tablets etc.

People of village are very much satisfied. No burdan of life with them. They live always happy. I like so much this type of real life.


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