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Raven’s Peak Book Review

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Abigail’s world shatters when she loses the one person that meant more to her than anybody else. Her father figure when he sacrificed himself to save her. She will do anything it takes to find a way to bring him back. Meanwhile, the Council does not approve of her investigation and sends her to do other tasks instead. Along the way, she meets Haatim. They are thrown into each other and forced to work together to save each other and a small town from the evil that lurks in it.

I really adored this book. If time had permitted that I finished this all in one sitting, I would have in a heartbeat. It was just such an amazingly intense book. I was spooked yet thrilled to read more. This is definitely one of those books that just leaves you on edge and has you screaming obscenities! Well, screaming them silently in your head anyways!

There wasn’t really much I disliked about this book in all honesty. The flow was very smooth. The characters were easy to connect to. The tone was set pretty much perfectly. There were certain things that I wish could have been drug out just a little more and other things that I wish could have been explained just a little more, but those are just little picky things of mine. It’s kind of hard to find criticism in a book you wanted to devour in one sitting!

I was really amazed by how the flow of this book just kind of progressed and then slowed and then progressed again. It was steady, but it was perfect. There was no long and drawn out moments. It was just really awesome. I can’t complain about it at all. I hope that the rest of the books in this series follows suit! They definitely have a high standard to reach in my book!

I feel like you only really get to know two characters and that the rest are background characters, but that isn’t really a problem. I loved the two main characters. They were easy to connect with and just adore! I totally consider Abigail a fictional girl crush! She’s just so bad ass! I was a little leery because I thought it was going to turn into a fall in love type thing, but it didn’t. They were just the perfect team! Which was great!

I will have to give this a full star rating! I’d give it more than a full star rating if I could. It’s just so amazing. It’s taking everything in my power not to pick up the next book and devour it right now! If you like horror type books, this is definitely the book to check out. I felt like this was Buffy meets Supernatural in a way. I loved it! It was so great!


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