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Rains. floods, evacuation of the population in Borca, Serbia..

Robin Biznis June 24 .2019 Belgrade, Serbia

This happened yesterday in the place where I live, more precisely near the river Danube, there is a settlement Crvenka which is in the immediate vicinity of the river..In fact, the situation worsened because the rains fall every afternoon.Yesterday, most rains fell in our city and therefore there were minor flooding and evacuation of the population.When the street where I live comes to my neighbor’s house.

When it passes through its two-tier, it reaches the Vizelj River.

From our side water has reached the level of the coast.

Layout from the rear. We descend down the river Vizelj.

From Vizelj to the courtyard of my neighborhood there is a wide 1 meter walk.

                                                 The water level is about 5 cm below the track, for now.

 I’m afraid that the water from the Vizelj River will reach the house of my neighbor.

And he’s wheelchair disabled.

Maybe someone sees our pictures since last year when we went fishing.

They’re not just a rains problem.In the town of Gornji Milanovac yesterday  a large hail fell and caused a lot of damage to agriculture.

You may get better insight by watching a video posted this morning by a TV station.

There is hope that the  weather  will better.Because after the rain comes the sun.


What do you think?


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    • Fortunately water is slowly retreating.
      He has the help of all of us neighbors.
      Carol is good for the sun for two days, no rain.
      But the damage was inflicted on many places in Serbia.
      Is that so?
      Floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes.
      Only something can be prevented, but it needs work, good will and money.
      And the state never exists.

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