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Rain Week 2020

Tuesday, 3.10.20

It has been raining all morning, probably since Monday night. And, it will likely rain all week. By 4 pm, I decided to get dressed for the evening walking meetup. But I went to the online meetup site to see if it still on. I noticed it was cancelled, due to possibility of rain in the evening. I was looking forward to walk, but I wasn’t sure if it will rain or not. I stayed in my pajamas, robe, and slippers. 

At 5 pm, I opened my front door and noticed the ground was now dry, but the sky was very cloudy and overcast. I took a snapshot from my bedroom window of the bare winter trees and dry ground. It looks dry, cold and gloomy, although it isn’t really cold, probably in the 60s. 

I have an appointment at the car dealership on Saturday morning. I hope it isn’t raining a lot, or at least only late rain or sprinkles.

I wonder if it will rain on Friday, March 13th because I have another walking meetup.  

I noticed in weather reports that there are some warnings for flooding in some areas. But I also think California needs the rain so that the ditches and riverbeds are filled up.                                                                                                                                


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