Quote Challenge Day Two

I was nominated by @Kim_Johnson to take part in the three day photo challenge and for the first two days you nominate three deserving users to take part.

Once again I find myself with the difficult task of picking three favorite quotes. These are some of my favorite quotes outside of the Bible. I choose first a quote by a woman I have greatly admired since girlhood Helen Keller. I took the picture while we were running errands in Twain Harte One Day a couple of years ago.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot See a shadow.”  Helen Keller.

This is probably in my top five of all time favorite quotes.

The second really speaks to my heart as well.  I created this one a couple of years ago as well.  I used a Rose Photo I took with my Ipadmini, I upgraded to the Air2 and IPhone 8 Plus, and used Fontcandy powered by Pixabay to add the quote.

“The Best Thing In Life to Hold Onto Is Eachother.” Audrey Hephburn, so simple yet so powerful.

The third one isn’t a quote persay but is actually a couple of the lines of one of my favorite Jewel Songs from the 1990’s, Hands.

I choose a pic of Little Miss petting Princess and used Photolabpro to edit and and the quotes…

“My hands are small I know,

But they’re not yours they are my own,

But they’re not yours they are my own,

And I am never broken.” Jewel…

I would like to nominate @Luciaanna , also @TrennaSue and @Trafalgarlaw to take part in this challenge.


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